The Dance horse quilt pattern ENGLISH


The Dance Horse FPP Quilt Pattern English Version


For English people

The Dance is a FPP Horse Quilt Pattern. It require a knowledge in foundation paper piecing technique.

The quilt is 31 x 43 inches.

The pattern is a downloadable Pdf , you need a home printer and you will have to print in A4 100% format.

The pattern is in English language but my site is not translated in english yet, so when you create your account you will find the  required field like name , email etc. in italian language. I apologize for this. (For U.S. users, you can find US under S Stati Uniti)

I suggest creating your account before making any purchases

After completing and paying for the order, a “Download” screen will appear where you can immediately download the PDFs, at the same time you will receive an email saying that account is created with which you can set the password for your account, if you haven’t done it before, and a confirmation email order with downloadable pdfs.

For any trouble I’m here for help and solve. I’ve sold a lot of this pattern at no Italian people, someone had difficult to understand the site but every problew was fixed.




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